Pranic Healing for All Areas of Your Life

Dana's life improved in every area of her life after having Pranic Healing treatments. Read about the benefits she had, and watch her full video about her incredible journey and experience.

Chronic Sinusitis

Christina's story of over 10 years of Chronic Sinusitis - to being able to smell again after her Pranic Healing treatments.

Grief and Loss

After the loss of her child, Jo decided that she had had enough, and wanted her energy back. She was at the point of a breakdown in her relationship, losing her job, being homeless and under extreme stress. Learn how Pranic Healing brought her back to a new start in her life.

ADHD Treatment

Freddie was first diagnosed with ADHD when he was seven years old, with symptoms such as poor concentration and behavioural conditions including poor motor skills, and difficulty with sensory input. Regular treatments helped him to make significant improvements to his behaviour, including better self-esteem and emotional health.

Stress and Skin

Pranic Healing on a skin rash with noticeable improvements after a single treatment. Learn how my son's 'unknown' skin rash resolved with a series of treatments for stress and cleansing of the blood. (contains graphic images)