Mario started his career in the glamourous fashion industry and learned how beauty is only skin deep and that true happiness needs to come from within. Surrounded by beautiful models, it was heartbreaking to see how unhappy and unfulfilled some people were, as from the surface they seemed to have it all. This inspired him to dig deeper to understand how the power of words and communication can change human nature and happiness. He is currently the Founder of Neuro Emotional Programming, a process he created by integrating, Coaching, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming and TCC Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Mario is a certified Neuro-Hypno Coach as well as a certified NLP coach having been trained directly by Richard Bandler, the original founder of NLP.

Beauty lies from within

I started out working at the very young age of 14, following the footsteps of my father as a waiter. I worked my way up and then became a chef in the kitchen. But my direction changed and I started to fall in love with makeup and hairdressing and ended up travelling all around the world working with designers and models in fashion shows. After working with and observing the behaviours of so many people, I started to gain an understanding that despite how beautiful these models were, many of them didn't feel beautiful, they didn't feel comfortable or good about themselves, And so I was curious and started studying about thought and communication and eventually became a beauty mentor and coach. 

It was when I was in the hospital that my entire perspective changed; I discovered the importance of what was said and how this was communicated. I was working with a cancer patient who was undergoing chemotherapy. She had lost all of her hair and eyebrows and was given a wig to wear. This is when I realised how powerful words are and the emotions you attach to them. There were many negative terms to describe the wig, such as a 'dead cat', but when this word was changed to, say, 'butterfly', it was extremely powerful and changed the way people felt about it and themselves. So when I started working with her, I asked her to look into the mirror and describe what she saw. At first, she said she saw nothing and only saw things associated with her illness. I continued to work with her as a coach and I applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. After a few weeks, I put her in front of the mirror again and asked her what she saw. This time, with my former make-up artist skills, I also helped her to apply some makeup and lipstick and I did her eyebrows. It was one word that changed my life as she answered for the first time, "I can see the colour of my smile." Her reply wasn't about the lipstick or the makeup - it was the colour of her smile. And that's what changed my entire perspective. At that moment, I understood that giving beauty a sense became a new way to communicate, and this new way to live your life is a fantastic tool. 

More than just words

When I was studying to become a coach, I started to understand the importance of NLP. So I went to Florida and trained under the founder of the NLP system, Richard Bandler. Although NLP was effective, I felt something was missing because words are really so powerful. I think that words carry a weight to them - they can be heavy and they can have a fantastic colour, so you really need to colour your communication. In Italy, they say "My life is great, or it's black. If you add some colour and change the way you use your words, then your reality is going to change as well. I work with many clients who have issues with their identities, and the first thing I teach them is how powerful the words are that they use. Most of these people use language such as, "I can't", "I cannot" or "I'm not good enough". If you keep saying these words over and over again, it's like a program you put into your mind. So changing the words you use and their meaning will change the attitude of that person.

Within NLP, I also learned about hypnosis, or specifically the Milton Model - a hypnotic language pattern that encourages the listener to move away from detail and content and move to higher levels of thinking. It was a fantastic strategy, however, I found that it was too slow and I needed something faster. And so I found someone who used a fast induction method that allows you to access the unconscious mind in under a minute. And so with these trainings and experiences, I am now the co-founder of CD Academy International, together with Dr Vincenzo D'Amato, with whom we developed the concept of Alchemical Hypnosis.

Can hypnosis be dangerous or make people do things they normally wouldn't?

Some people are afraid because they think the hypnotherapist or the professionals can manipulate you and your intention, but it's not like this at all. This is because you've got an unconscious mind which I believe is like a mentor or a guru. If something is not aligned with your mentor or your true self, then it cannot be placed within you. Your mentor or guru will not allow you to go beyond your own limits of self. It's true that there may be things hidden within your unconscious mind, but you can choose to either live your life by discovering who you are or keep things swept under the carpet. 

Why choose NLP, Hypnosis, or any other modality?

For me, it's like the story of the Tower of Babel. Everybody's speaking a different language and you just need to understand that maybe for me, what works is in English, and for the other person it may work better in Italian. It's just a different way to say the same thing. One person may use pranayama, and you can use any technique because this is the one that vibrates for you and you can recognise and understand that. Most people tend to lose their sense of life because they give too much importance to what they do and they forget why they're doing it.

The rational mind needs to organise everything, so when you learn a modality, at first you need to understand that you're doing things right. But once you're comfortable with this, you can let go of the rational mind and do things in a different way and follow your intuition. The problem we have today is that all people are treated the same and it's easier to fit them into the same mould - and this happens a lot in schools. Instead of trying to make everyone learn in the same way and saying they're 'good' at this, but 'bad' at that, the energy should be put towards their gifts, to make them better.

You must learn everything. 

Then you must forget all the things you've learned. 

Going deeper with hypnotherapy

Sometimes people will come to me with a fear they want to remove. For example, in the case of being afraid of spiders, you don't need to learn a new language or behaviours, and so I can just use hypnotherapy to help them. But it's important to understand why the fear is there because sometimes the fear itself is a defence mechanism. And so you have to be sure you understand why the fear is there before you decide you can, or should, remove it. I do this by listening to my clients and I always ask permission to speak to their unconscious minds, and while they're under they tell me the answers I'm looking for. But it's important to speak the same language or to relate to the person you're working with. If someone prefers to use imagination, then I will use this because this is what they understand better. It's the same if they are visual - I will communicate with them and ask them to see and visualise the things that I'm talking to them about. Sometimes people have walls that they put up to protect themselves, so it's more difficult to get answers from them. So if you allow their belief and trust in you to be stronger than their wall, and when they feel you are the right person and in the right place, then the answers come - that's the beauty of this technique.

But I tend to only help people who have real problems, like fears or traumas that affect their lives. I don't want to work with people who want to fix things for money or for reasons of manipulation.

My first personal experience with hypnosis was very powerful and I made the decision to discover myself and amplify my gifts. I was down for about 45 minutes and could remember seeing myself many times and from many lives, if you believe in the concept of past lives. I saw myself flying, trying to save people from the dark shadows that were there to harm humanity. I got the message that I am a protector. My greatest fear in life is not being able to be present when somebody close to me is in trouble and I cannot help them, because I need to be there to protect them. For me, this was a big lesson because I learned that you can't be everywhere all of the time and you can't help everyone. So my lesson was, do what you can, but then let it go because they still have their journey to go through. 

We also used a technique called Mesmerism, which is a technique used to put a person into a trance-like state. It was amazing because I could understand and I could start to feel. I could feel the energy in my hands and also all the way to my brain, understanding without words. This technique is not new and was used in ancient times, similar to exorcisms, voodoo and different types of shamanism. Even after three years, the results were unbelievable and my fears, my thoughts, and everything has changed. 

Everything is energy and if you understand this, you would know just how powerful we are.

The importance of "non-parenting"

I have two daughters and a son, and I believe my most important job as a parent is to just sustain. I have to be there when they fall. but I cannot tell them where to go or what to do because it's their journey, not mine. Many people think that parents are supposed to do everything in their power to remove and protect their children from suffering, something I totally disagree with. From my experience, suffering is the fastest way to elevate your consciousness. For example, you only understand how important your health is when you get sick, or you may learn how important your legs are when you cannot walk. 

I use a little Italian word trick with my youngest son, which translates to "Don't go over there, because if you go over there, you're going to get into trouble." Then I ask my child, "Do you understand?" When he responds with the word "Yes", he is accepting the responsibility for the action he decides to take. When a mistake is made, you have to be present and understand the lesson that needs to be learned - because there's a lesson in everything that happens in your life. So if my son falls down and gets hurt, he stays present and knows that he needs to learn to pay attention more when he's on his bicycle. Because if you understand the lesson, it gives you a fantastic sense of your life. Everything happens for a reason. If you understand and you learn the lesson, knowing that there is a reason for everything, you grow and you never lose because you're always learning.

Take the example of a child falling off his bicycle again. The parents should not react badly and run to the child - when they do this, it's not for the child but for the parents to show their importance because they are there to protect the child. It's a very thin line and if you don't understand the difference, then you're setting your child up to see you as the fundamental person in their life, as their protector. In Italy, we are like this where the children will stay at home until, say, 35 years old. But if your child shows independence and says they are leaving home at 18 years old, then you have done your job as they have the confidence to start their own journeys.

One of my published books is aimed towards children - it's written in fables because children learn from reading stories. A story is a powerful tool that allows not only parents to restructure some limiting beliefs, but above all it allows you to transfer this evolutionary process to your children, giving constructive and content-rich intimate moments. It helps our children develop a greater awareness of who they are and what they can achieve in life, allowing them to face challenges as opportunities to prove to themselves that they are able to overcome difficulties. rather than passively undergo them.

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