The Alchemical Circle is an ancient symbol that belongs to the ancient craft of sacred geometry - the study of the spiritual meaning of various shapes and patterns. In all esoteric spiritual schools, it is taught that God created the Universe using geometry. These geometries are now confirmed in the highest complexity of disciplines, now known as neuroscience, and represent an increasingly interdisciplinary science drawing from mathematics, physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, engineering, computer science, psychology, medicine, biology and philosophy to transcendental hypnosis - and not least the search for mechanisms that are activated by spiritual processes.

A broad spectrum of issues falls under the investigation of neuroscience, including:

  • the development, maturation and maintenance of the nervous system, 
  • its anatomical and functional structure with a particular focus on the brain, and
  • the role it plays in behaviour and cognition. 

Neuroscience seeks to understand not only the normal mechanisms of the nervous system but also the creative dynamics that can, through beliefs, visualisations and emotional states, amplify our awareness of the meaning and purpose of our being in this wonderful journey called life. Whether they are personal or social beliefs or archetypes of the individual or collective unconscious.

The power of intention as well as the power of thought can manipulate reality and everything significant that happens to us on a daily basis.

The Alchemical Circle is a very powerful portal beyond any subjective belief. It is a tool that once an optimal resource-state (or state of being) is "anchored", it can be "reactivated" anywhere in a matter of seconds. The results from applying the Alchemical Circle are extraordinary and can be both immediate as well as long-term. This is achieved by using powerful suggestions and requires many repetitions so that the associations can become more powerful and automatic.

The Alchemical Circle is a portal into the non-ordinary worlds; it gives you direct access to these precious resources representing the powers of the mind and the universe. You can call upon it to receive the help you need to solve a problem that has been dragging on for years, or to help gain intuition and insight to receive the answers to questions that have remained unanswered.

How to create an Alchemical Circle in 10 simple steps:

  1. Find a place that is "sacred" and silent for you. This should be an optimal resource-state, or state of being, in which you would like to find yourself more often (e.g. a state of creativity, self-confidence etc.).      
  2. Close your eyes and while breathing deeply, return to a time in your life when you were fully in that state. If not, imagine a mentor or spiritual guide who has that specific resource or skill.     
  3. Imagine there is a circle on the ground in front of you. Give it a specific colour with which you identify your resource (e.g. red for passion, yellow for joy etc.). You can also visualise a symbol or a representation, such as a specific sound, that you would associate with that state.     
  4. When you feel ready, step forward into the Alchemical circle. Imagine that, at this moment, a mentor presents himself to you. In his hands shines a luminous sphere, the same colour as your resource. As you welcome the sphere into your hands, you feel that something inside you changes profoundly. You lift this sphere to the height of your heart and you welcome this fantastic energy that amplifies its strength and effectiveness. Relive this resourceful experience, fully associating yourself with this state and with all of your senses. See through your eyes, hear through your ears and feel the sensations, the rhythm of your breath etc.   
  5. Make a list of the cognitive and behavioural patterns (both overt and subtle) associated with the state. Focus your attention internally and note any inner representations, sensory characteristics, breathing patterns, muscle tension and any messages from your inner mentor.  
  6. Increase your experience of the state by amplifying the sensory qualities (colour, movement, brightness etc.) associated with it, including the representational modalities (sight, hearing, touch, movement, smell and taste).      
  7. Repeat verbally three times -Abracadabra- -Abracadabra- -Abracadabra- "I will create as I speak".    
  8. Step back out of the circle and remove yourself from the state.    
  9. Take another step forward and re-enter your "alchemical circle", thus verifying its functioning and paying attention to how rapid and effective your re-entry is into the state.  
  10. Repeat steps 1 to 7 until you can interact effectively with the mentor and his resources to achieve easy and "clear" access to the state.

Imagine that you can bring the "alchemical circle" into any situation and have free access to it in order to instantly bring in the qualities you are working on. This is a purely neuro-physiological conditioning exercise and the key is practice and repetition. But keep in mind that it is a circular process, where you will constantly refine and change your optimal states. You may also start to experiment with different contexts and situations.

The ultimate goal should not be to "always carry around the Alchemical Circle" but to let the mentor and resources emerge on their own. Avoid overdoing it because what matters is not so much the quantity of things you add, but their quality. In other words, it is useless to recall 100 episodes of courage when what you really need is calmness or something else. Take the time to select the right resources that are tailor-made for you.

The Alchemical Circle can help you to discover the cognitive and physical patterns associated with personal states of effective performance. It also helps you to become more aware of the types of signals that can be indicative in terms of recognising and managing other people's states. Even inconspicuous behaviours can make a difference to performance. 

If you are able to identify any of these signals, you will be able to re-engage with that state in a more powerful and conscious way.

-Abracadabra-Abracadabra-Abracadabra- "I will create as I speak".

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